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In Bindki, Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur district, an auto rickshaw stupefied policemen as it was carrying 26 passengers. Well, the driver might have had `The more the merrier` quote on his mind, while doing the act. Rather interestingly, the auto rickshaw was stopped by UP Police for overspeeding. It was only after they caught hold of it, they found out that there were 26 passengers on board. Of course, policemen were in sheer surprise to find out a total of 26 occupants on the tiny three-wheeler. And let’s not forget that the headcount of 26 was after excluding the driver.

A video of the cops counting passengers one by one has now gone viral. The auto was first spotted near the Bindki Kotwali area of Fatehpur when the cops checked the speed gun. The over-speeding auto was chased down by police.

When the officials began deboarding passengers, they were stunned to see 27 people, all cramped up, including the driver, coming out of the auto.

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The auto has since been seized.

The driver later told reporters that the family was on its way to a relative`s house to celebrate Eid, and could not find another auto so he agreed to take them all.

With inputs from IANS

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