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Bajaj auto has filed patent applications for two new names, i.e., Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganz. This could be an indication of the company’s future plan to revamp the famous Pulsar model line-up. However, the registration of these names does not guarantee that the models will make their way to the production line.

In the past, Bajaj has also trademarked multiple names like Twinner, Scrambler and Pacer, but the names have not been used yet on production models. Speculations are if the new bikes are introduced in the market, they can be under Pulsar 250 twins, launched last year. However, chances are they might be the names for bigger bikes with a twin-cylinder platform.

Bajaj currently sells a variety of Pulsar models with engine displacements ranging from 125cc to 150cc, 160cc to 180cc, 200cc, and 250cc. However, the company needs bigger bikes with more displacement numbers to increase its grip on the international market.

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If Bajaj makes an entry in the mid-level displacement bikes segment, it will be entering a market dominated by the likes of Royal Enfield. Upon entry, the patented names Pulsar Elan and Elganz might come in handy.

More information on Bajaj Auto’s future plans is expected to be released in the following months. Meanwhile, the company is expanding its EV business and anticipating the release of a new electric scooter to complement the Chetak EV. A few months ago, the same two-wheeler was seen getting tested with the latter.


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