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New Delhi: Aadhaar Cards are vital since they act as a unique identity for Indian people and are issued by the Indian government. This identity card has a 12-digit number that serves as a unique identification number. The cards are required to use any bank, public-private financial institution, or other civic entity’s services.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is in charge of issuing Aadhaar cards to citizens of India. This Authority, on the other hand, has now introduced individual Aadhaar cards for children under the age of five. Children are given a ‘Blue Aadhaar Card,’ which, unlike the standard Aadhaar card, would be designated as invalid once the child reaches the age of 5.

We’ve included all of the information you’ll need to obtain a Blue Aadhaar Card for your child here:

Here’s how to get a Blue- Aadhaar card:

-Bring your child and all of the required documentation to the Aadhaar card enrollment centre. To register, fill out the application form.

– Parents will be required to produce their Aadhaar cards, which will be connected to the child’s UID.

– Parents will also be required to provide a phone number in order for the youngster to receive a Blue Aadhaar card.

– A child’s photo will be requested, which will be taken at the enrolling centre.

-After the documents have been verified, the child’s parents will receive a text message confirming the same.

– The youngster will receive a blue Aadhaar card within 60 days of the verification being completed.

Visit the UIDAI’s official website for further information about the Blue Aadhaar Card.

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