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Taliban members in Afghanistan have dug out a white-colored Toyota Corolla which was once used by their former leader Mullah Omar at the time of the US invasion of 2001 to escape the forces. It is to be noted that Mullah Omar has been the target of the US forces since the time of the 9/11 attacks in the US. The excavated white Toyota has been in the ground for more than 20 years in the Zabul Province of Eastern Afghanistan.

Based on AFP’s report the Toyota Corolla was buried by a Taliban official named Abdul Jabbar Omari and was later dug up on his orders. The vehicle was buried in Zabul province by a mujahideen as a memorial to Omar. Furthermore, burying the car gave assurance to the mujahideen that the car will not be lost. The pictures of the car covered in mud, while the Taliban officials dug it up were published on Twitter as well.

AFP’s report further says that the Taliban was Mullah Omar’s Toyota Corolla to be placed in the national museum in the form of a ‘great historical monument.’ Mullah Omar is a significant figure from the Taliban’s point of view as he formed the organization and lead an Islamist movement in 1996 after a civil war and imposed a strict Islamic law on the country.

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Since then Afghanistan became the abode of the jihadist group, including the major names involved in the September 11 attacks like Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Following this, the US invaded Afghanistan removing the Taliban government and giving the power in the hands of a new regime in the nation. The excavated white Toyota Corolla played its part at the time in helping Mullah Omar escape the forces and get away from Kandahar to Zabul Province and later was buried there as a memorial, until now. 

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