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Diego Luna shares why 6-year-old daughter dislikes ‘Andor’

Andor star Diego Luna wished his daughter would like the new Andor series, as his daughter is no fan of Rogue’s One Cassian, 

During a recent interview with USA Today, the 42-year-old actor recounted his daughter’s reaction to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where Rebel spy Cassian Andor blew to smithereens, and then-6-year-old Fiona was disturbed by the climax.

“She was really (mad) when we came out of the cinema. My son was telling her, ‘But they sacrificed themselves!’ And she was like, ‘No, I don’t like it. That was wrong.'”

However, Disney brings the good news to the father-daughter duo that there’s more to Andor’s story.

Luna explained his character’s uneasiness, “He’s not ready, basically,” Luna says of Cassian. “You see someone that has potential but is far from being a responsible man.”

Diego Luna-starred Andor is open to rave reviews by critics and audiences alike, praising the show’s grittier and more grounded approach than the recent series in the franchise.

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