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Kate Middleton parents planning for a big move

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton parents Michael Middleton and Carole are reportedly preparing for a big move.

A report by Marie Claire, quoting the Daily Mail, says Kate Middleton parents are planning to welcome refugees from Ukraine at their home in Bucklebury, Berkshire.

The report says Kate’s father Michael Middleton and mom Carole are considering plans to create an annexe at their £5 million home to host the Ukrainian refugees.

The couple have been in contact with the locals in their area about the plans.

The report, citing a source, claims “Bucklebury has housed a good number of refugees and Carole has been getting advice from villagers and seeking information about how the process has worked for others in the area.”

Carole is very philanthropic and wants to be known for her charitable nature as well as her business.

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