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Policemen stand near a barrier in Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Town area. — APP/File

The 14-year-old teenager — Dua Zehra — who had gone missing from Karachi a week back has been found in Lahore, Geo News reported. 

The teenager has also given a statement saying she went to Lahore from Karachi of her own free will. 

The Lahore police have taken her into their custody. The Lahore and Karachi police are in touch and will share updates soon.

The case

The case of the mysterious disappearance of the teenage girl from Karachi’s Al-Falah shook everyone. She went missing from the Golden Town area 10 days ago, triggering a sense of fear among the masses.

Police conducted multiple raids but failed to recover the girl. The police had claimed that she might have left the house of her own choice but the family had rejected it.

What the family said

Earlier on April 22, the mother of the 14-year-old had warned of suicide outside Governor House if her daughter was not safely recovered.

“I want my daughter alive. I am a mother. I will not accept her body like Zainab. I will keep the body outside Governor House if she is found dead,” the mother had said. “Five days have passed and we are still looking for Dua,” the frustrated father, Mehdi Kazmi, had told The News.

“The news running on the media about the recovery of my daughter from Sanghar is fake. Even the girl seen in the CCTV footage going on a Suzuki vehicle is also the daughter of my neighbour who was going to work when she was captured on CCTV footage,” he had clarified.

Mehdi had said that there was a conspiracy to downplay his daughter’s case by running such fake news on the media. “But I am telling I will not allow anyone to ignore my daughter’s case,” he had said.

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