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Prince Charles is said to have walked into a major controversy with his latest cash-for-favours scandal in which he reportedly accepted bags of cash from Qatar, with a royal expert saying he could’ve put succession to the throne in danger.

Writing for The Daily Mail, royal expert Tom Bower slammed the Prince of Wales for his tendency to accept huge cash donations to his charities in exchange of royal favours, saying that Charles might as well have ruined his chances at becoming a monarch.

Bower wrote: “What’s much more damaging is that his conduct raises wider concerns. It is no exaggeration to say that his succession to the throne could be in jeopardy.”

“There is no doubt the future success of the Monarchy rests on its probity. Any suspicion of cash for favours involving Prince Charles and his charities raises such issues,” he added.

Furthermore, Bower went on to highlight how the instance is not the first for Charles, saying: “Of course, this is far from being the first time that largesse from rich foreigners has been poured the way of the heir to the throne. His long-standing and closest aide, Michael Fawcett, offered a Saudi billionaire a knighthood in return for a huge donation to The Prince’s Foundation.”

He also listed other similar scandals that Prince Charles has found himself embroiled in.

“At best, Charles failed to keep a check on what was being done in his name. At worst, he was complicit. Over the past 30 years, the Prince has repeatedly exposed himself to accusations that he has taken ‘cash for access’,” Bower rambled on. 

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