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Prince William and Kate Middleton might be the picture-perfect royal couple but even as the two have a rock-solid relationship, they are said to have ‘blistering rows’ every once in a while, reported Express UK.

Kate and William, who have been married for over a decade now and share three children together, don’t always see eye to eye, according to royal author Robert Jobson, who says that the Duke of Cambridge has a ‘notably short fuse’ in private.

In his book William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch, Jobson quoted a source as saying about William: “He can be a bit of a shouter when he loses it.”

The same insider added: “It’s fair to say the Duke and the Duchess give as good as they get if their disagreement results in raised voices. But they know each other so well, it usually blows over quickly – and she is, on the whole, a major calming influence on him.”

Commenting on their upcoming 11th wedding anniversary, Jobson also said: “As the couple approach their wedding anniversary next Friday, friends say the key to the marriage’s success is that it’s an equal partnership – even if that involves the occasional blistering row.”

One friend of the royal couple told Jobson: “They’ve got a solid relationship and she gives him confidence. There is no jealousy, no friction – they are happy for each other’s successes.”

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