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Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13)

Thor’s new adventure focuses on love; violence, language.

Thor: Love and Thunder” is the sequel to 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and the fourth Thor movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time around, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) bids goodbye to the Guardians of the Galaxy when a new threat appears in the universe: Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), whose mission is to kill every god. Expect plenty of comic-book-style action and violence, including weapon use and hand-to-hand combat, as well as two injuries/deaths that are likely to upset younger audiences. The story focuses more on love and romance than most other MCU films, with kissing and affection between a couple and discussions of true love and the “ones who got away.” There’s also a suggestive scene in the realm of the gods where a planned orgy is mentioned more than once and women literally swoon at seeing Thor stripped of his clothes. Language includes several uses of the word “s—,” plus “p— off,” “hell” and “oh, my God.” Families can check in on the movie’s messages about the importance of choosing love, asking for help and persevering despite the odds. (119 minutes)

Gentle series promotes empathy, understanding and fun.

Duck & Goose” is a gentle animated series based on the best-selling children’s books by Tad Hills. Duck (voice of Connor Andrade) and Goose (Jecobi Swain) are best friends who love exploring their meadow world, which changes with the seasons. Even though they get along, Duck and Goose see the world differently and have a lot of contrasting ideas about how things should be done. Luckily, they learn that it’s okay to disagree, saying, “You be you, and I’ll be me,” and are able to work together in the end. Parents will love the social-emotional lessons and pleasant tone, while preschoolers will enjoy the sweet adventures. (Six-minute episodes)

Available on Apple TV Plus.

Swashbuckling adventure has kid role model, monster attacks.

The Sea Beast” is a thrilling adventure about a young orphan (voice of Zaris-Angel Hator) who stows away on a sea-monster-hunting ship and embarks on a journey that could change history. It includes animated action violence and potentially scary images of enormous sea monsters attacking ships and causing destruction. Monster hunters attack and kill the giant creatures with a variety of weapons (spears, cannons, etc.). Chaos and fighting lead to a child getting seriously injured, and a little blood is briefly shown. There are swashbuckling sword fights and close calls with drowning, an adult points a gun at a child, and a child wields a knife. Adult characters drink, and language includes “bloody hell” and “a–.” The story models the power of young people standing up for others and making a big difference, as well as teamwork, integrity and looking past the surface of a situation. And the film boasts a diverse cast, including a young, strong female character who’s kind, optimistic and brave. (119 minutes)

Blood, gore in martial arts-heavy fairy tale twist.

The Princess” is a gory, medieval castle-set action film, not a family-friendly fairy tale. Star Joey King demonstrates courage while fighting her way out of a guarded tower, but lots of blood is spilled — and dozens are killed — in the process. People are wounded or killed by sword, fire, strangling, punching, falling and being shot with arrows. A main character is beheaded, and another nearly drowns. People are also punched, bludgeoned, knocked over, handcuffed, drugged, stabbed in the eye, bitten and slapped. One character seems to take pleasure in killing others, and a group of men surrounds a woman, touches her and talks about taking off her clothes. Two people kiss, and there’s mention of a brothel. The main character does everything to avoid marriage, which is considered part of her “duty” as a princess. She’d rather be a ruler and a warrior. Men appear drunk in several scenes. Language includes “b—-,” “bloody hell” and “harlot.” (94 minutes)

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