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Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh were the first guests on the seventh season of Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan. On the show, Bhatt weighed in on how her love story with Ranbir Kapoor started. The Darlings actor shared that everyone around her kept telling her that she and Ranbir would end up together.

“I was single after a very long time and so was Ranbir. Everyone around me, including my sister and my friends were like ‘You are totally going to get together’ and I was like ‘Okay’. Half wishing it, not full wishing it but I was like ‘Let’s see’. I didn’t want to put too much energy into it. It should happen naturally. And it kind of happened naturally only,” she said.

Alia recalled that she and Ranbir were on a flight to Tel Aviv to do a workshop for Brahmastra and she was really excited that they were going to sit next to each other. “We both were seated together so I remember him walking in and he was supposed to sit next to me. I was very excited and I was looking this way waiting for him to come sit next to me,” she said. But there was some malfunction with his seat, so there was a chance that he would be seated elsewhere. Talking about that moment, she went on, “I was like ‘Why is my dream getting shattered?’ But later his seat got fixed so he came and sat back.”

She continued, “That vibe started there only and of course, the rest is history.” Alia also opened up about how Ranbir proposed to her in Maasai Mara. Not revealing too many details, the actor said, “In terms of Ranbir and his planning, he totally blew my mind away because I was not expecting it. We were not even talking about it. We were talking about it for a very long time but then there were so many pandemic delays that we decided we won’t talk about it. We’ll just go with the feeling. And that’s exactly what he did. He didn’t tell anyone. He just carried the ring and he did it in the most amazing place, Maasai Mara.”


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