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World’s biggest chicken taking a walk.— Screengrab via Instagram/@animals.hilarious

An old video that has resurfaced shows what is believed to be the world’s biggest chicken hopping out of its little wooden house and taking a walk.

Social media users were absolutely shocked to see the giant rooster. Some netizens even called it a prank.

The video was published by “animals.hilarious” on Instagram. It currently has more than 50,000 likes and even more views. 

A nearly three-feet-tall chicken can be seen in the reel that flaps its wings as it comes out of its cage. 

Initially, it looks like a normal-sized hen but after it stands tall, its shocking size can be seen.

Surprised social media users made a lot of comments.

“Nah that’s a dragon,” said one.

“Def this one came out of a dino,” chimed in another.

“Chickzilla for sure! He’s a whopper!” exclaimed one more.

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