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Purple mangoes are ready to be plucked from the trees. — Twitter/@hvgoenka

Mangoes are one of the most liked fruits in the world and when its the in season, everyone wants to have enough of it no matter how high the prices are.

One may wonder how the world’s most expensive variety would taste. Only eating one such mango can reveal how it tastes but here is how “not-so-aam” mangoes looks like. They are purple in colour.

An Indian industrialist shared pictures of the world’s “costliest” mangos, News18 reported.

Mizyazaki, according to the publication, is rare variety of mango that is grown mostly in Japan. The crop is seldom grown in India and is sold at 270,000 Indian rupees per kilograme, which makes double of the amount in Pakistani rupees.

Another extraordinary feature of the fruit apart from its unique purple colour is the risk that these mangoes may get stolen due to extremely high price therefore whoever grows them in India has to make security arrangements to avoid thefts.

The farmer from whose orchard the pics have been taken has hired three guards and six dogs to protect the farm, the industrialist tweeted.

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