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The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has recently shared a few measures on how to remain safe during thunderstorms and sandstorms. Most parts of the country are now covered by the monsoon and there is a high possibility of many states witnessing thunderstorms and squalls with heavy rain.

Thunderstorms and squalls often cause severe damages to domestic animals, crops and vehicles. The NDMA, in a recent tweet, shared a few steps to remain prepared for possible thunderstorms and squalls. The guidelines are divided into preparedness before the storm hits, measures to consider during the storm, and the things to keep in mind after the storm.

As per the Do’s and Don’ts listed by NDMA here’s how to prepare before a thunderstorm.

· Prepare an emergency kit carrying essential items for survival and safety.

· Carry out repairs and secure your house. Do not leave sharp objects loose.

· Keep an eye on the latest developments on TV channels and radio.

When the storm hits, these are the things to keep in mind:

· Try to stay indoors and off the verandas or balconies.

· Unplug electrical equipment and avoid the use of corded telephones.

· Do not use running water and stay away from metal pipes.

· Stay away from metal sheeting and roof structures.

· Halt if you are inside a bus or a car.

· Do not take shelter under or near a tree. Stay away from power lines.

· Do not use any metallic objects.

After the storm passes, NDMA suggests to:

· Stay away from storm-damaged areas

· Help the elderly, children and the differently-abled

· Stay away from fallen trees or power lines and report them to the concerned authorities.

The NDMA also shared guidelines for pet parents.

· Designate a safe area in or near your home for the animals.

· Keep away animals from open waters

· Do not allow your animals to take shelter under a tree.

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