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In efforts to shift the spotlight on the hinterlands of the state, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) recently announced a monsoon trekking programme. The programme is being launched to boost the economy of the areas in the state that receive less footfall.

Goa is one of the most prominent holiday destinations India has to offer. Visitors arrive in millions every year but most of them prefer going to the beaches. The sun, sand, and the sea are what define their vacation in Goa. However, Goa is not just that. It is loaded with flora and fauna that resides in some of the more secluded regions.

The GTDC is planning to boost the economy, and simultaneously, the employment for the locals in these less-visited regions and thus is focusing on hinterland tourism. Elaborating on the programme, Dr Ganesh Gaonkar, MLA, Sanvordem, told The Times of India that there are several things that one cannot see or experience at the beaches. The tourists under the monsoon trekking programme will get to visit a pristine environment with fresh air.

“Your safety is of utmost importance,” he said, assuring a safe trekking environment. Under the monsoon trekking programme, tourists will get the chance to walk the dense forest cover and to help them navigate, the tourism department will deploy a team of certified guides, trained under the GTDC and the Forest Department.

The programme has already reached the working stage as the first series of monsoon trekking has begun. The treks are being organised only on Sundays. “This will be a four-hour trek, where tourists will enjoy watching flora and fauna and how beautiful the hinterland is,” said Nikhil Desai, Managing Director at GTDC.

Last month, the tourism department also announced the launch of helicopter rides for tourists. Moves such as these are being made to prolong the stay of visitors in Goa. It is because being a small state, the tourists cover their sightseeing plan in a span of three to four days.

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