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From being slut-shamed, body-shamed, to being trolled for her accent and dubbed disrespectful and difficult, actor Alizeh Shah has had to deal with online bullying, mockery and defamatory accusations of all kinds.

The starlet, albeit, seemingly thick-skinned, hardly responds to the disparaging comments made against her on social media. Unless, of course, they’re coming from fellow actors or seniors. But the actor, who continues to keep her chin up, takes to Instagram time and again to subtly address the unsolicited bullying she has faced.

This time, citing a rather tasteful comment passed in response to commentator and former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar’s recent announcement, Alizeh explained what she believes meme culture should actually look like – laughing with people and not at them.

Shoaib had announced on Saturday, July 2, that he will be performing Hajj this year “as a state guest of Saudi Arabia.” He had added, “I will also be addressing the Hajj Conference attended by leaders of the Muslim world in Makkah,” highlights of which he has shared on his Twitter by now.

In response, a user had written, “So shaitan’s going to get hit with stones incoming at 150kph+ this year.” Alizeh shared the tweet alongside the response on her Insta Stories to write, “Now that’s what I call a meme.” The Ehd-e-Wafa actor added, “Yaad rakhen, mazaaq karne, or mazaaq uraane mein zameen asmaan ka farq hai (Remember, there is a huge difference between cracking a joke and making a mockery).”

After being relentlessly body shamed by users for putting on weight, Alizeh was most recently trolled for her weight loss. Her transformation shocked many, and several took issue with her not looking as “cute” as she did before. Some also assumed she shed pounds because of “drug abuse” while others continued to pass unwarranted comments against her body.

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