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Social media sensation Hasbulla has been making the most of Ramazan with a recent trip to the Holy City to perform Umrah. The fiery 19-year-old Russian star shared a picture of himself in a traditional ihram at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. Hasbulla also shares a video while performing Tawaaf.

He shot to fame in 2020 after he went viral on Instagram, becoming an instant favourite of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community. His claim to fame was his announcement of a fight against Abdu Rozik, which is yet to materialise. Hasbulla and Rozik are both believed to have Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), which is widely known as dwarfism. 

In his first-ever interview with Barstool Sports, Hasbulla recently revealed his political aspirations. “I want to become Minister of Internal Affairs for [the Russian republic of] Dagestan… first I’ll find my haters and make them panic,” he shared passionately. 

On his first order of business after he makes it into the government, Hasbulla shared, “I’ll slow down the speed limit within the city, but increase it on the highway,” adding, “All the speed cameras are coming down.”

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