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Indian brides are being written and talked about around the world for their elegant wedding looks and grand ceremonies. From experimenting with their wedding outfits to pulling off the coolest trends on their wedding days, brides are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that their wedding day is a day to remember. We came across one such pretty bride, who wore the most special lehenga a bride can ever dream of.

Simran Balar Jain, who’s Digital Content Creator wore a lehenga that is literally going to preserve wishes of her loved ones. Yes, you read that right! Jain got her red lehenga customised by Makana, a Bangalore based label and it has now become the talk of the town for a unique reason – it features the blessings of her loved ones in writing.

“It will remind one of our high school graduation shirts, which were covered in messages scribbled by people we wanted to remember forever,” says Simran about the lehenga.

“This outfit is a hundred times more worthy of attention and love because it is hidden away in those beautiful windows where it is keeping the notes secure and personal,” explains Simran as she talks about the messages scribbled by her loved ones on the lehenga’s jharokhas (windows).

According to Simran the lehenga features a special design element, “It is surrounded by Rajwadi windows (jharokhas), so I asked them (the designers) to make sure that one of the windows on the side was open while the lehenga was being made so that my loved ones could write their blessings on it,” adds the bride.

The new bride shares some tips with brides-to-be who want a memorable wedding ensemble. She suggests:

-If possible, add pockets to your lehenga when having it customised so that you can easily slip in your phones, rubber bands, or lipstick.

-Make sure your looks are finalized before the big day so you don’t waste time on the big day deciding which jewellery to wear or what makeup and hairstyle to wear. Every look must be planned 15 days prior to your wedding day.

-Before you choose a hair and makeup artist, make sure you get a trail of hair and makeup.

– Every outfit should have 1-2 inch extra margins on all sides for tightening and loosening.

-Carry all of the necessities, such as safety pins, a backup outfit, nightwear, lingerie, a sweat pad to keep your expensive grand ethnic wear from fading, skincare, foundation makeup.

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