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The rain, breeze, and cool environment cheer up the mood during the monsoon. However, storing the food during the rainy season is a challenge. Usually, the high moisture and humidity in air during rainy days affects the shelf life of snacks, cookies, biscuits and other food items. The food items get soggy and moist due the weather conditions and even lose the original taste.

Here are a few tips to keep your food items, especially snacks, safe for a long time during monsoon.

Avoid Damp Places

Dampen places in the kitchen or anywhere in the house increases the risk of fungus. Places having moisture is the ideal condition for the growth of fungus and germs. Hence, to avoid the growth of fungus, keep the food or snacks away from damp places. Pack it properly and store it in a cupboard.

Use Glass Jars

Usually, when the snacks are stored in packets, they are more prone to get soggy due to moisture and humidity. Keeping them in a tightly packed glass jar can be a good option. Storing the food items in an airtight glass jar increases the shelf life.

Avoid Drying Grains in Sunlight

It is said that due to high exposure to sunlight in the monsoon, snacks or food items get spoiled. It’s always advisable to reduce the exposure of the food items to the sun in the monsoon.

Mixing should be avoided

During Monsoon, it is advised that even if you store various snacks in a glass jar, never mix them. In the glass jar properly pack snacks and then store them. The salt and sugar content in snacks make them soggy during monsoon due to moisture. It’s better to keep the food items in separate containers.

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