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When we think of travelling, we always want to explore or experience something new. Sometimes to do so, we travel abroad. But back home too, you will find several locations that will leave you mesmerised. India offers incredible diversity and breathtaking destinations. There is so much to explore in the country. Here, we have shared a few places where you can have unique experiences in India.

Pushkar camel fair

The fair happens annually in Pushkar, Rajasthan. It might be a chance for you to have a closer glimpse of the culture of Rajasthan. In the peculiar fair, traders gather at one place to sell their camels. It has become a significant destination for travellers, especially photographers.

Stay a night in Igloo

Now you can experience a staycation in an igloo in India! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have that experience. You can enjoy the same moment in Sethan Valley, Himachal Pradesh. The village is around 12 kilometres away from Manali. You can also experience other ice sports in the valley like skiing.

Naneghat reverse waterfall

A three-hour drive from Mumbai, the Naneghat Waterfall is breathtaking yet has a strange phenomenon, that happens during the Monsoon season. The gushing waterfall moves upwards. It occurs because of the strong wind force that sends the water upwards.

Root bridge

One of the unexplored places in Meghalaya is the root bridge and walking on it might give you an experience of a lifetime. The bridge travels back 100 years ago. Cherrapunji’s root bridge‎ is said to build from the roots of rubber trees, which last for around 500 years.

Houseboat cruise

Houseboats cruise through the canals of the backwater of Alappuzha in Kerala. You can also devour the local delicacy. A houseboat is a luxury stay, which has a dining area, kitchen, washroom and bedrooms.

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