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A screengrab of the vidral video of baraat. — Twitter

Wedding days are hectic and sometimes the event doesn’t go according to plan. A new viral social media video shows that no matter the ups and downs of the big day, nothing can ruin the excitement of the marriage.

A video circulating on social media shows a tarpaulin is used to protect a wedding baraat from a rainstorm.

In a subtweet, a video shows apparently the same group dancing and having fun in the rainstorm.

Social media users enjoyed the couple’s “pure dedication” to keep the show going on.

“When cancellation is not an option,” said Twitter user @mendoca_allwyn.

“It only happens in India,” said @PuneetBatra1979 in a quote retweet.

“Rain spoiled the marriage but not the enthusiasm. The show must go on,” tweeted user @1961_ps.

Watch how the wedding procession was taken forward:

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