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David Rush takes on the record for the most matches snapped in 30 seconds for a Guinness World Records title attempt.—Screengrab via YouTube/David Rush

A man in Idaho, United States, claims he has broken a Guinness World Record by snapping 83 matchsticks in 30 seconds using his hands.

David Rush uploaded a video of him breaking the matchsticks on YouTube. His family can be seen in the same room with him recording his performance and noting the time.

UPI reported that David Rush has broken almost 250 Guinness World Records to encourage STEM education.

He said that he set the same record in 2019 for 91 matches in one minute.

“I increased my speed dramatically using hand-strengthening exercises and a single-hand technique to break each match,” said Rush.

Rush broke the previous record of snapping 67 matchsticks in 30 seconds, which was set by Manish Jassuja on January 17, 2021.

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