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Vitamin A is essential for the body as it prevents night blindness, reduces the risk of cancer, boosts immunity, and encourages healthy growth among others. However, consuming too much Vitamin A can have negative effects. Overconsumption of it through your diet or supplements can lead to Hypervitaminosis A or Vitamin A toxicity.

One should be extra careful with Vitamin A consumption. As per a report published by the National Institute of Health, getting too much-preformed Vitamin A can cause severe headaches, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, and problems with coordination. And overconsumption of it during pregnancy can lead to birth defects in your baby, states the report.

Symptoms of Hypervitaminosis A

Reddening, irritability, and uneven peeling of the skin are prominent side effects of Hypervitaminosis A. The following symptoms may become more severe with excessive supplement use. Reportedly, it can cause coma, bone pain, migraines, nausea, change in vision, intracranial hypertension, dizziness and even death.

As per Healthline, here are some food items that are high in Vitamin-A:

Butter: 11% DV per serving

Cream Cheese: 5% DV per serving

Feta Cheese: 4% DV per serving

Trout: 8% DV per serving

Hard-Boiled Egg: 8% DV per serving

Meanwhile, listed below are some vegetables that are rich in Provitamin A:

Cooked Carrot: 44% DV per serving

Raw Sweet Pepper: 29% DV per serving

Raw Spinach: 16% DV per serving

Cooked Sweet Potato: 204% DV per serving

Cooked Turnip Greens: 61% DV per serving

Fruits that are High in Provitamin A:

Watermelon: 9% DV per serving

Papaya: 8% DV per serving

Pink and Red Grapefruit: 16% DV per serving

Mango: 20% DV per serving

Apricot: 4% DV per serving

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