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Kim Kardashian’s first husband, Damon Thomas, feels it was “unfair” and irresponsible for the reality star to claim that she was high on ecstasy when she married him in 2000.

Kim said in a 2018 episode of “KUWTK” that she was using the party drug at the time of the pair’s Las Vegas nuptials.

But Thomas said her claims made no ‘sense’ given they remained married for several years.

“I think it’s unfair to make those kind of blanket statements because we have kids now, you know? I have children. My kid goes to the same school her kid goes to. So imagine him when he has to deal with that at school,” added Thomas.

The music producer went on to say that he feels the reality star, 41, “should be more responsible with those statements” because “there’s a lot more to that subject and those things.”

Kim was was 19 and Thomas was 29 when they got married. He filed for divorce from Kim in 2003 and it became official in 2004. Kim then tied the knot with Kris Humphries in 2011, only to infamously file for divorce 72 days later.

The reality star married Kanye West in 2014, but after more than six years of marriage and four children together, filed for divorce from him in 2021.

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