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Kylie Jenner admits Black Chyna sent her ‘devil emojis’ threatening to beat her

Kylie Jenner was brutally warned by Black Chyna in a scathing message back when she was dating brother Rob Kardashian.

The 24-year-old makeup mogul told LA court on Monday that she once woke up to a message from Chyna counting days to strike her.

“I remember one time I woke up to threatening texts. From what I remember, she sent me a bunch of devil emojis and said something like, ‘Counting down the days’ to either beat me or something,” said Kylie, 24, while speaking in Los Angeles Superior Court. “I don’t know what she meant.”

“I took it as an empty threat,” the mother-of-two revealed. Kylie added that she did not call the police as “I assumed she was probably high.”

Kris Jenner earlier shares how Chyna held a gun on son Rob’s head, threatening to kill him. She also testified in favour of Kylie’s text message claim.

“We kept it internal between the family,” she said.

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