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Prince William and Prince Harry shared quite the rapport while growing up, but according to royal insiders, the royal brothers would often get at each other’s throats, with William even complaining about Harry to police officers!

According to Express UK, in an upcoming book by royal author Robert Jobson, it is claimed that Prince William was known to tell on Prince Harry, who was rowdier and ‘out of control’ because he knew he wasn’t going to be King.

While William was treated with more regard in the family, Harry would often act out and was “far more mischievous”, Jobson claimed.

On such occasions, Jobson shared that William “would often act as a tattle-tale, bringing news of his little brother’s exploits to their nanny or police officer’s attention.”

William and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, also often left the boys with nannies and protection officers, with one officer, Ken Wharfe, spilling details about their antics to Jobson.

According to Wharfe, their nanny, Olga Powell, would often resort to ‘smacking’ the young royals.

Wharfe recalled: “When Harry was a little older, I remember one of her classic phrases to him was, ‘Harry, I love you, but I don’t like you’ — because he was a nuisance. But she was strong with him, and I think children like that because they know where they stand.”

Wharfe also shared that once, one of the boys’ police officers was forced to quit and told his replacement: “Good Luck!”

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