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Full moon 2022: Missed the supermoon last month? No need to worry, you have another chance as the full moon will be visible again today (July 13, 2022). The full moon on July 13 is known as the “Buck moon,” a reference to the time of year when male deer, or bucks, grow new antlers. On the night of July 13, the supermoon will be visible around 2:38 pm EDT (12:08 am IST, Thursday). The supermoon on June 14 was dubbed the “Strawberry Moon” because it occurred during strawberry harvest season.

The moon’s orbit will bring it closer to Earth than usual this time. This cosmic combination is known as a supermoon, and it can cause the moon to appear slightly larger and brighter, depending on the weather.

A supermoon is a treat for skywatchers and photographers because it offers a spectacular opportunity to witness celestial events. 

The supermoon’s tidal effects on Earth could result in a wide range of high and low ocean tides. Astronomers anticipate that coastal storms at sea around this time will exacerbate coastal flooding. The moon will most likely be full for three days, between early Tuesday morning and early Friday morning.

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