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  • Kamran Akmal’s father says they had bought six goats to offer sacrifice on Eid ul Adha.
  • Laments theft of the best of the goats.
  • Theft took place at 3am when the servant on watch dozed off.

LAHORE: One of the sacrificial goats former Test cricketer Kamran Akmal’s had bought for Eid ul Adha was stolen from outside his house in a private housing society in Lahore.

Akmal’s father said that they had bought six goats to sacrifice a day ago and tied them outside their home.

He said that the theft took place at 3am in the morning when their servant deputed to look after the animals fell asleep.

“The thieves have taken away the best of them which was bought at the price of Rs90,000,” he lamented.

The management of the housing society’s security has been informed and they have assured the family they will try their best to apprehend the thieves and recover the goat.

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