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There are tonnes of reasons for us to gush about our Bollywood celebrities. Of course, we love their on-screen presence a lot. But they become more relatable to their fans with their social media presence. For the food lovers among us, the self-proclaimed foodies in Bollywood have a special corner in our hearts. Joining that list of foodie celebrities is Deepika Padukone. The Bollywood actress is a queen of hearts across the country and abroad. Now, she has left us dazed with a glimpse into her foodie self. Wondering what we are talking about? Deepika has dropped photos from her Venice trip. And, like any other tour, Deepika’s travel journal also included some delicious food items. We won’t keep you waiting for long to see what she gorged on. 

Deepika Padukone’s photo dump featured two slides on food. The first one included a scrumptious bowl of macaroni pasta alongside a yummy burger and a tall glass of beverage. The platter was served with some sachets of tomato sauce. In the second food photo from Deepika’s Venice trip, a drool-worthy dessert is featured. There we see Deepika holding a waffle cone of chocolate ice cream served with an extra piece of waffle on top. Already drooling? Take a look at her post:

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Deepika Padukone’s food obsession is no longer a secret to her fans. The actress often shares her indulgent moments with her Instafam. Here’s enough proof. Recently, she dived into a yummy chocolate cake. That’s not all. The cake is accompanied by two scoops of ice cream too. “Basic” is what she wrote in the caption along with a drooling face emoji. She also included the hashtags “chocolate cake” and “ice cream”.

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Deepika Padukone’s love for food and drinks led her to compare herself with a drink. Yes, you heard it right. When asked what drink would she compare herself to, the actress went for the answer, “Hot chocolate.” Interesting, isn’t it? You can read more about it here.

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