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During his appearance in Piers Morgan’s new show, former US President Donald Trump spoke of his visit to the royal banquet in 2019 and meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla were “competing against each other” at the Royal Banquet during his visit in 2019, claimed Trump on Morgan’s show.

As per a video clip posted by Piers Morgan, Donald Trump said that Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla “were competing against each other at the Royal Banquet in 2019”.

“She (Camilla) was on my right, the Queen was on my left, and I said ‘Queen, I will have to talk to Camilla for a little while too’. We couldn’t break apart,” Donald Trump said.

While talking about Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, the former US President said, “She was funny, smart, she was quick and she was great. I like her too. I like Charles.”

When asked if Charles and Camilla will make a good King and Queen when the time comes, Donald Trump said, “’I hope so. I think it’s going to be tricky because they are truly replacing a legend when you talk about this woman (the Queen).”

During the show, Trump also shared his thoughts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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