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Khloe Kardashian left fans in shock as she looked ‘unrecognizable’ & ‘so skinny’ in a photo with sister Kim Kardashian and  mom Kris Jenner.

The photo, taken during their time on Jimmy Kimmel Live!,  was sheared by Kim Kardashian  to her Instagram on Saturday. “Trifecta,” Kim captioned the photo.

In the picture, Kim is giving duck lips while wearing a leather, black tube top, and skirt. Kris Jenner sported a bob haircut while wearing a light blue suit jacket with jewels on it and a black dress.

Khloe rocked a short, tan dress and gave a serious expression to the camera. Fans noticed how skinny the 37-year-old looked, with one follower wrote: “Khloe is unrecognizable,” commented one fan.

“OMG Khloe is Soo skinny,” said another.

“Is that Khloe?” asked another.

“Damn. How Khloe get smaller than you?” joked another.

“Khloe looks so good,” added a fourth.

It to mention here that Khloe Kardashian previously revealed  her new diet and how she lost all that weight.

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