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Whenever we are in a mood to eat something different that the usual ‘ghar ka khana’, burger is one of the first things that come to the mind. And why not, the soft buns enclosing crispy meats or veg cutlet with fiery sauces please our palate like no other. But with so many eateries around us offering their own burgers, we are usually left confused where to get it from. If you are a true blue burger lover, you should have a list ready of your personal favourite burger places; and if you don’t have it yet, I have an option ready to be added. 

I tried burgers from Wat-A-Burger and I was quite impressed with the freshness of their ingredients and overall taste. Grilled Mutton Kebab Burger had succulent and juicy mutton kebabs inside, which oozed out a myriad of flavours, and really made me go ‘Wat-A-Burger’! Crunchy Double Chicken Burger – as the name suggests, had a sizeable crispy and crunchy chicken filling, with delicious sauces to complement it. To my surprise, Veg Surprise Burger was actually quite delicious. Since I have always preferred non-veg burgers before, this was a good change for me. I also tried their BBQ Chicken Sandwich which was also not bad, but could do better with a milder BBQ sauce.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with crispy and yummy Onion Rings. 

Overall, my meal from Wat-A-Burger was quite satiating and I look forward to have it again. Wat-A-Burger has multiple outlets in Delhi-NCR and also delivers at your doorstep. 

About Neha GroverLove for reading roused her writing instincts. Neha is guilty of having a deep-set fixation with anything caffeinated. When she is not pouring out her nest of thoughts onto the screen, you can see her reading while sipping on coffee.

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