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We are all excited to show some skin in the sweltering sun of summer! The lethargy and laziness of winters have led us to become a little unhealthy, and we are gearing up to become fit again. The key to becoming healthy is not just exercise, it is equally important to eat a healthy meal. A balance between workout and nutritious food can help us give the weight loss or weight gains that we desire! Often, the meal plan for such a journey is filled with salads, as it is the dish that offers the best profile of nutrients for our body.

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As per Health and Nutrition Expert Dr Shikha Sharma in her book “101 Weight Loss Tips”, certain food combinations can be bad for our health. The book says that carbohydrates should not be paired with protein-rich food, rather they should be eaten with vegetables for a healthy and nutritious meal that shall help with weight loss. Chicken is the go-to protein to be enjoyed with salads, there is no dearth of chicken salad options to enjoy! Here we have one exciting salad option for you to make at home.

Asian Chicken Salad Recipe: How To Make This Chicken Salad

Prepare the sauce for the salad, mix together chilli oil, vinegar, sesame oil and soya sauce. In a bowl, add chopped lettuce leaves, chopped spring onions, sauteed sesame seeds, toasted almonds and grilled chicken. Pour the sauce into the salad and toss it till the salad is bathed in the sauce.

Watch the step-by-step recipe for Asian Chicken Salad in the Header Section.

You serve this light and cooling salad as an appetizer or enjoy this as a sumptuous dinner at home. Sounds easy, right?! Make this quick salad at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills.

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