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A spider monkey born at the Brevard Zoo in Florida with what appears to be the bat signal across his face.—Brevard Zoo

A spider monkey born in a Florida Zoo is gaining popularity due to unique marking on its nose which looks like the Batman symbol.

In their blog post, Brevard Zoo announced the birth of this special monkey.

The Batman symbol spreads across the monkey’s nose. The symbol, which is a “Bat-Signal,” a silhouette of a bat spreading its wings, is popular around the world. 

This unique monkey was born on April 15, and the sex of the baby is not known yet.

“The youngling is doing well, holding on strong to mom and nursing successfully,” said the zoo in the announcement. 

Black spider monkeys are categorised as prone to extinction according to 

Black spider monkeys, found throughout eastern South America, are classified as “vulnerable” to extinction, according to the World Wildlife Fund

“Every Zoo birth is a safeguard against losing these precious species in their natural range,” added the Brevard Zoo.

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