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The picture shows an Indian couple. — Screengrab/Instagram 

Weddings are all about taking vows to stay together forever, but this one couple has grabbed the attention of social media users over its unique wedding contract. 

The contract signed by the couple said that the bride has to wear saree (an Indian traditional dress for women) every day. 

The video went viral on the internet, in which the bride could be seen signing the contract with a long list of terms and conditions, India Today reported. 

The list also included eating pizza once a month, shopping after every 15 days, going to the gym daily and wearing a saree every day and the list goes on. 

The video received over 40 million views and different reactions from the netizens.

“Looks fun but wearing saree every day is a deal-breaker,” wrote a user. 

Another one wrote: “All conditions ok. But every day saree is too much.”

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